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Tish helps Miley apply a scrub and the girls get mother-daughter manis!

About This Project

Miley tweeted her affection for mom, Tish, on Mother’s Day and shared a pic of their nail polishes of choice. Do you and your mom every try at-home beauty treatments?I love that Miley and her mom did something together on Mother’s Day! The star tweeted about the scrub her mom helped her apply, saying, “This has been the best M-Day ever @TishCyrus1 I love u so much! I don’t know many people that would sit and scrub MY body on THEIR day!   Just before their scrub-a-thon, Miley tweeted a pic of their chosen manicure colors, pointing out how different they were by their choice of colors (Miley had a bright red and Tish a light pink). It reminds me of when I get a mani with my mom! She always picks a neutral shade and I love going wild with color!  Miley and her mom are bonding in a very special way, according to Erika Katz, author of the bookBonding Over Beauty. Making and applying DIY treatments is one of the best ways to bond!  “I love to make homemade lipgloss, face masks, and body scrubs with my daughter using everyday ingredients you find in most kitchens,” Katz tells HollywoodLife.com. “That way we have the shared experience of making the treatments as well as applying them.”Bonding over a shared past time can be a great way to relax and “it starts by spending quality time with mom doing something you both enjoy,” adds Katz.  Are you reading this, mom? Hop on the train to NYC … mani’s on me!
Do you ever try at-home treatments or splurge on mani/pedis?
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