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“For Valentine’s Day, I love soft curls. They are sexy and romantic,” says beauty expert and author ofBonding over Beauty, Erika Katz. If you have straight or wavy hair, wash and blow dry your hair, and make sure it is really dry before setting your hair in hot rollers. For limp, fine hair, leave in rollers as long as possible. Rollers will smooth the cuticle and give nice body — skip the hair spray though; gummy hair is not sexy!


“As far as makeup, women think you have to wear red lipstick. Red lipstick is very messy for kissing as is any dark pigmented lipstick,” Katz says. Line your lips with a nude liner, she suggests. Then fill in your lips with the liner. Put a sheer light lipstick or gloss over it.For eyes, if you plan on a night of love, curl your lashes and use a silicone-based mascara — Trish McEvoy makes a great one. This won’t end up under your eyes at the end of the night.  Read More