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Bonding Over Beauty By Erika Katz (Interview)

About This Project

“First of all….I must say kudos to a beautiful concept you have created. A much needed one at that! What inspired you to write the book Bonding Over Beauty? I went to a parenting meeting in my community and moms were talking about how their nine and ten year old daughters were getting hair under the arms, above their lip, and were showing signs of puberty all before they had given up playing with dolls. The moms did not know how to broach these sticky subjects with their girls either because they did not have all the information or were just too embarrassed to talk about it. So, I decided to write a book to tell moms what to say to their daughters and how to say it. I wanted this difficult time in a young girl’s life to be a bonding experience with mom rather than a series of door-slammings and “mom, you just don’t understand.” Read more