Your Bra is a Bust!

Your Bra is a Bust!

If your daughter is just starting to develop, it is time to take her bra shopping. Many girls just wear a tank top for support while others try to wear oversized shirts to cover them up. But, as a mom, I think the best approach is to teach your daughter to embrace her womanhood. Those babies are here to stay so they should look as great as possible.

Her First Bra

Finding a bra can be a difficult task especially with an anxious preteen who is uncomfortable with her new body. Here are some ideas to handling her first bra experience.

Respect her Privacy
Both parents need to accept she is becoming a woman. Siblings and dads are no longer allowed to just walk in on her in the bathroom or when she is changing. Everyone in the household must be respectful of her privacy. Teasing and making jokes about her breasts is not funny and never appropriate especially by fathers and brothers.

Breasts are not embarrassing
You need her to know you are okay with her new body. This means telling her how great she looks on a daily basis and complimenting her on her shape. It sounds silly but your words mean a lot to her.

Shop for pretty as well as practical
I love pretty lingerie. Find a store with bras that are smooth for under tee-shirts but also pretty and young. I think Victoria’s Secret, the Gap, and Calvin Klein all have a great selection of appropriate bras. However, I would pre-shop before taking her. You don’t want to take her to a store where the lingerie is too mature.

Get her an assortment of bras in nude, white, and black. She should have

1 racer back for tank tops

A-B Cups
2-3 smooth cotton bras to wear every day to school
(The Gap and Calvin Klein have nice ones)
C cups and above
2-3 molded cups with an underwire for more support
(Victoria’ Secret and Le Mystere are are my favorites)

1-3 sports bras for exercise (I like Nike and Champion)

1 multi-functioning bra
(Victoria’s Secret makes bras with many variety of strap options
for different types of tops.)

Get her the right size
Put the measuring tape around her back and bring it around to meet at the front of her breasts. If she is measuring 34 and you think she might be a B-Cup, try both 34B and 32C. I find going down in the width and up in the cup gives a better fit.

Encourage her to take care of her breasts
She should:


    1. Drink lots of water


    1. Moisturize them with body lotion or baby oil after the shower


    1. If breasts are still growing, she should moisturize them daily
      with cocoa butter to avoid stretch marks.


    1. Wear a bra every day.


    1. Teach her to do a monthly breast examination

While you are shopping for her, why not get yourself something a little special too with matching briefs. Let her pick it out for you so the experience can be one you both can enjoy.

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