What You Can Learn From Your Teen

What You Can Learn From Your Teen

I am an Invisalign Teen® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own.

The most incredible part about parenting teens is how much they can teach us! When it comes to technology, fashion trends, the latest apps, and music, nobody knows as much as your teen.  When I was looking for a lip sync app to make a birthday song for my husband, my daughter introduced me to musical.ly.  When I wanted to shoot my workout in the park for my cousin in Arizona, my son taught me how to do it on Vine and Snapchat.  Thanks to both my kids, I have Uber, Postmates, and Seamless. The best part — they love teaching me!

I also go to my kids when I need some new songs for my playlist.  They introduce me to all the hottest songs and it actually connects us on another level.  When I start to dance to them, they tell me to stop because I am too embarrassing, but that’s expected.  After all, I am mom.  Speaking of being mom, my son told me the other day that I was wearing “mommy sneakers” circa 1985 and it was time to update my workout wardrobe.  So, we went online and he picked out really cool joggers.  Guess what? I am actually getting a better workout because I have great music to run to and my sneakers are totally 2016!

When it came to straightening my son’s teeth, my son’s orthodontist gave him traditional braces at 11 years old and he absolutely hated it.  When it came to the second phase of treatment, my son told me about Invisalign Teen® clear aligners being removable and virtually invisible, which meant he could straighten his teeth without a mouth full of metal and all the insecurities that came with it.  He said he wanted the most modern up-to-date treatment to straighten his teeth without destroying his smile and his confidence.  We consulted with the orthodontist and all agreed Invisalign Teen clear aligners was the best treatment for him.

As a tween, he had many cavities because he did not brush or floss enough. But, as his teeth began to align with the treatment, he started brushing and flossing three times a day so that his newly straightened teeth looked brighter.  Just yesterday, he told me how people always compliment him on his smile.  I believe having him be an active participant in his treatment has made him care for his teeth better and feel more confident.

When your teen feels you value their opinion, it helps them to become more independent young adults.  When their ideas turn out to be the right ones, it makes them feel even more self assured.  So, listen to what your teen has to say.  You may end up not having to make dinner or drive the carpool tonight leaving your plenty of time to focus on your lip sync videos!