The Many Methods of Hair Removal

The Many Methods of Hair Removal

Its cold outside any many of you will be heading somewhere warm for the holidays. But, are you and your daughter ready to put on that little bikini?

Bikini Line Hair

If your daughter is showing signs of puberty, you might have to talk to her about being bathing suit ready. If she has any hair sticking out from her underwear, now is the time to address it. Her options are shave, depilatory, or wax. Laser is an option but only after the onset of menstruation. So what should you do?

Shaving: The night before your trip, spread a thick layer of shaving cream on the hair that falls outside of her underwear and carefully shave the area for her using a razor with a pivoting head. Be sure to rinse the blade after each stroke.

Depilatory: Depilatory is a great option if your daughter’s skin is not too sensitive. Find a depilatory specifically designed for the bikini line. Spread the cream on the unwanted hair two days before you leave (in case she has a bad reaction). Leave the cream on for 8 minutes or as directed. Then remove with a wet washcloth.

Wax: I am crazy for the Completely Bare Bikini Wax Kit available at It comes with everything you need to give your daughter a perfect bikini wax at home. Plus, it is the identical wax used in the salon so you are not getting a watered down version of anything. The best part- it comes with Vajewels! Va what? Vajewels! These are Swarovski elements that go on like kids tattoos. They come in bows, hearts, and stars. She can put them on her stomach, her arm, her back. So cute, right?

Laser: If your daughter has started menstruation, you can consider laser if she is light skinned with dark hair. It is costly but the results are great. However, laser needs to be done at least 2 weeks before you go away. When you arrive, the technician shaves the hair you would like removed. Then, she will go over the shaved area with cooling gel and then the laser. The hair will fall out in 2 weeks. So, if you want a clean look for your trip, make sure to get this done on the early side.

Good luck with your method of choice.  But, most importantly, enjoy your holiday!

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