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I applaud Seventeen magazine for addressing 13-year-old Julia Bluhm's petition to present real girls rather than photoshopped unrealistic images. While Seventeen can take care to avoid making girls look thinner and prettier than they truly are, it is not just magazines contributing to poor self...

Dear Erika, Hello there I am a 13y year old girl :) I weigh 55kg and I’m about 158 cm tall… Is this typical or will I need to lose just a little weight? My difficulty is that I do not like veggies (I like...

Its that time of year again. We are bombarded by diet commercials, promos for health clubs, and promises of a great body by drinking shakes instead of eating meals.. As you and your daughter watch the ads portraying pale, overweight women in house...

I looked at pictures of me and decided that was not the body I wanted. I wanted to get lean and toned and stay that way! So, here is what I did. ...