Summer Confidence Boosters

Summer Confidence Boosters

I am an Invisalign Teen® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own.

School’s out and that means your teens have lots of time on their hands.  Why not make the most of their free time by helping them feel good about themselves?  There are many creative ways to boost your teen’s confidence.

Summer Job – Nothing feels better than working hard and earning that first paycheck.  A job requires your teen to show up ready to work in order to earn their paycheck.  That money gives them a sense of independence, purpose, and self-worth.  There is no better way to boost your teen’s confidence than to give them a little taste of financial independence.

Get Into Shape – Summer is the perfect time for your teen to get into great physical shape.   During the summer months, it’s easy to find fresh local fruits and vegetables and try new recipes. The weather also makes it easy to go for that morning run, swim, or bike ride.  Try to spend time together with the goal of getting into the best shape ever!

Straighten Teeth – A visit to your teen’s orthodontist for Invisalign Teen® clear aligners will get them started on a treatment plan to straighten their teeth without those unsightly metal wires and brackets.  In just three months, your teen will see and feel results, which makes summer a great time to get started.  What I love is that the technology has become so advanced that they’re able to treat complex teeth cases, so it’s definitely worth getting a consultation if it’s something you’ve considered for your teen. And, what better way to feel self-confident than with a beautiful bright smile?

Apprenticeship – If your teen has a talent or skill, the summer is a great time to perfect it.  There are many companies where your teen can intern or take classes in exchange for working.  My friend’s daughter loved the theater, but felt very left out when all her friends were participating in sports.  One summer, she apprenticed at a theater and met teens that shared her passion.  It made her feel a part of something and did wonders for her self-esteem.

Community Service – Giving back to the community is always a wonderful confidence booster for any teen.  Knowing that your time, effort, or even just your smile is helping someone less fortunate is wonderful way to feel good about yourself and your skills.  Encourage your teen to volunteer to help through your local community programs.  It will be an experience they never forget.

And mom, if you need more teen-confidence parenting advice, you’re in luck…

The Invisalign Teen brand commissioned a teen confidence survey that pinpointed data around what makes teens feel self confident and what influences them. I used the insights from the survey to write an online parenting guide where I applied the teen confidence survey research to real life parenting situations.  The guideprovides parents with information and tips to help them build their teens’ self esteem, navigate the world of social media, deal with peer pressure, and so much more.

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