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Spring Is Here

Spring Is Here

I am an Invisalign® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own. Full disclosure.

Spring is here and I want to keep my family moving forward by starting things off right. Both my teenagers just had growth spurts so it’s time for a little spring cleaning.


When it comes to teens and clothes, they always want something new. Fortunately, we have a circle of friends with kids of all ages. First, we sort through what does not fit and put them in bags by size.  Then we invite our friends and family over with their bags of clothes.  The kids love to go through each other’s things and they pick out what they like. Next, we put the rest of the clothes in bags for those less fortunate.


As the school year progresses, it’s always important to me to check in with my teens to make sure they are feeling good about themselves. Having teenagers, we are always tackling issues of self-confidence. With social media, something as simple as an Instagram post of friends at a mall can make teenagers feel excluded and unpopular. That is why I do whatever I can to keep them feeling confident. When it came to straightening their teeth, I chose Invisalign® treatment. I took them to their orthodontist and the doctor used the latest technology to take digital impressions of their teeth.  No more messy plaster like in the old days. A few weeks later, my teens each received two custom-made aligners that rested comfortably over their top and bottom teeth. Every two weeks, they swap out the aligners for a new set. We saw visible results within a month.  The best part? They were moving forward to a more self-confident smile without the embarrassment of metal braces.  Since the Invisialign aligners are virtually invisible, my kids take smiling selfies all the time.  I feel great knowing they are doing something positive for their oral health without sacrificing their self-esteem.

The Kitchen

During the winter, it’s easy to fall into bad eating habits, eating comfort foods, and drinking lots of hot chocolate and caramel lattes. This spring, I am going to clean out the pantry with my kids so we can find ways together to make healthier choices.  We replace frozen foods with fresh fruits and vegetables, and as the weather gets nicer, we cook on the grill which is a fast and easy way to make home cooked meals.

It’s always important to me to keep my family moving forward. Spring is the perfect time to do a little cleaning and help everyone feel their best.