Spring Cleansing

Spring Cleansing

Spring is here and that means change of seasons and change of beauty routine.  While skin tends to be drier in the winter, spring and summer warmth leads to sweating, skin becoming greasy more easily, and then unwanted blemishes.  So, its important to rethink your cleansing routine.


To bring blood flow and oxygen to the skin while exfoliating, I like the Spasonic available at  Target.com, Walmart.com and Costco.com. Add a little cleanser to the Spasonic brush, or to your entire face before use. Gently move the brush across your face in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water.  It gives your face a reallly nice, soft feeling because the brush gently exfoliates dead skin.  The Spasonic also comes with different brushes you can use on your body and even a pumice for your feet.

Daily Cleansing

If you wear makeup, you need to remove it every night before bed to avoid waking up with a big blemish the next morning.  Makeup remover wipes are fast and easy and will do the trick.  Almost every company is making them now, so choose your favorite.  I would stay away from a wipe containing alchohol because those will dry out your skin.  You can even buy a box of babywipes and they will work just as well.   If you want to cleanse more thoroughly, I suggest a makeup remover cream cleanser followed by a toner.  Mario Badescu Cucumber Makeup Remover Cream for normal to dry skin and Mario Badescu Acne Cleanser are still my favorites to get a deep clean that is gentle and won’t cause irritation.


To tone, you can mix equal parts witch  hazel, green tea, and grapefruit juice or buy an alcohol-free toner.  I love Good For You Girls because it smells amazing and uses all safe ingredients.  If you apply toner to a clean cotton pad day and night, it will removes the excess dirt and oil and get your skin perfectly clean.


If you have a blemish, do not pick it.  Instead, dry it up with Clean and Clearpimple cream.  If you squeeze it, you will only make it worse.  Once the pimple comes to a white head, you can apply a very hot wet washcloth to the pimple to try to burst it.  But, do not squeeze because it will leave a scar.  If the pimple bursts, let it drain onto clean cotton by dabbing it with the cotton.  Then, clean the area with witch hazel.

For normal to dry skin, you only need to cleanse skin in the evening.  For oily and acne skin, I would cleanse skin twice daily.  For those with acne, be careful not to overdry your skin because it will cause the oil glands to work harder and produce more oil.