Shopping for the Holidays

Shopping for the Holidays

Holiday Gifts
If you have a tween girl, shopping for the holidays can be difficult. Of course you want to give your daughter something she will love, but still feel you can afford gifts for everyone else on your list. I have found some fun, creative gifts which I know she will really enjoy. Here are just a few. I will post more as I find them.

As you all know beauty, fashion, and creativity is what I love so you won’t find any video games or electronics on my list. Let’s start with beauty.

Creativity For Kids makes some of my favorite beauty gifts. They can be found at your local retailer or

Make Your Own Lip Balm comes with all she will need to make lip balms in fun fashion colors. I especially like this gift because it comes with everything you need, its an activity you can do together, and its cool to make something she can use instead of buying it in the store.

Pretty Pedicure Salon is quite fabulous too. We have this at home and use it weekly. It comes with a pink pool that you blow up with air. It also has everything you need to give your daughter a perfect pedicure. When we use this I also add some bubble bath to the water and rub her legs with a gentle scrub. She feels I’m lavishing attention on her and it gives her an opportunity to have my undivided attention.

Nail Art is the perfect item to have when your daughter has a playdate and they have nothing to do. They can put all sorts of fun things on their nails and they do feel quite fabulous after.

Fashion and Creativity

If your daughter is a budding young fashion designer or magazine editor Fashion Angels makes Project Runway Fashion Magazine Editor Tote. It contains everything your daughter needs to make her own magazine. My daughter literally spent three days on this. It is the coolest gift.

Its difficult to buy dolls for your tween. While we hope they are still loving dolls, it seems many girls have moved on. However, I think Liv Dolls by Spinmaster are lots of fun. If your daughter has aspirations of being a hair stylist, Liv Dolls have removable hair. So, each time she cuts the doll’s hair she can remove it and replace it with a new wig of long hair. My daughter is constantly cutting away so this doll has been a huge hit.

I hope this list helps during the holiday season. I will be sure to post more great gifts as I find them.
Happy Shopping!

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