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Rose Facial

Rose Facial

This summer I have really focused on getting in great shape. I start my mornings with a workout in central park and on weekends I swim.  But, all that outdoor activity can be rough on my skin. So, when I heard SKINNEY Medspa was offering a  Sparkling High Tech Rose Facial- I was all in.

When I arrived, I was whisked to tranquil spa room with a candle and a glass of sparkling rose which is always a nice treat at 2:00 pm!  Then it was time for the facial. 

My skin was cleansed with SKINNEY Medspa Beauty Oil to gently remove makeup and followed by their Green Tea Cleanser to remove makeup, oils, and impurities on my skin. Then the Hydrofacial machine did a deep clean.

Next, my technician exfoliated my skin with bamboo beads which felt amazing! Then the Rose!  She applied a moisturizing Casmara Mask mixed with a teaspoon of Ruffino Sparkling Rose. The Rose restores radiance and suppleness to the skin by targeting dry areas and infusing the skin with hydration.  The mask felt wonderfully cold and very soothing.

Finally, she shined an LED light on my skin to reduce redness and inflammation and to destroy surface bacteria for 15 minutes.

The facial was fabulous!  Book your appointment asap!  Its a little slice of heaven in the heart of NYC!