Road Trip Hacks

Road Trip Hacks

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Hack No. 1: Bring a cooler

Packing a cooler for your trip is not only a great way to store food and drinks, but can also serve as a handy surface to eat on.

You can pack cold drink, sandwiches, or anything you may want plus you can use it as a table,

Hack No. 2: Take a nap on a pool raft

If your travels require an extensive amount of driving, you might also be in need of a short cat nap, and if you bring along a pool float, you’ll have also have a temporary sleeping pad.

Take a raft out of trunk, throw it in back seat of your car, and then you’ll have a nice cozy bed.

Hack No. 3: Pack snacks and drinks in safe containers

  1.  Pack vegetables and peanut butter into a plastic container
  2. Fill up an empty coffee creamer bottle with cereal for children to prevent spillage.
  3. If you bring along a cup without a top, subdue your concern over spillage by covering the top with plastic wrap. You can even punch a straw through the plastic.

Hack No. 4: Bring a DIY garbage can along with you

Nobody wants to worry about cleaning a mess while focusing on the road. Take a cereal container, put a plastic bag inside, put the top on, and you have a great DIY garbage can.

Hack No. 5: Always bring jumper cables.

Make sure you have the cables and their instructions handy, in case you find yourself in a sticky situation. Keep the instructions in the glove compartment so you know how to use them.