Pre-vacation Prep

Pre-vacation Prep

If you can get a weekend getaway out of this cold weather, here is whatcha need to do:


    1. Go get a spray tan before you leave. I like Paul Labreque salon because they have a very fine mister and they will even contour your stomach. (Make sure to exfoliate with a scrub like Aveda almond body scrub before you go to the salon)


    1. Head over to Pesca boutique or Pesca Trend and get some cute bathing suits and cover ups. They will mix and match tops and bottoms for you and you will find suits like nowhere else.
      244 East 60th Street
      New York, NY


    1. Havana flip flops are a must! And of course Christian Laboutin wedges always look chic day or night.


    1. Go to Mario Badescu and travel size cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.


    1. Love Kiehl’s antiperspirant. Comes in in a small triangle tube and doesn’t leave white stuff on your dresses.


    1. Speaking of dresses…. Jersey material is the best! Doesn’t wrinkle and works for day and night.


    1. Love the Amazon Kindle so you can read whatever you want wherever you want.


    1. Only Hearts nighties are made of soft fabrics and they are sexy too.


    1. Henri Bendels has awesome travel pouches for toiletries jewelry and cosmetics. You can also get a hanging lingerie bag with compartments for your bras and underwear.


    1. Lots of suntan lotion!

Have fun on your getaway!!!

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