Perfect Prom Hair

Perfect Prom Hair

How are you wearing your hair for prom?  This year its all about soft and sexy.  Hair can be effortless or elaborate but not stiff.  It should also be touchable so your date doesn’t get his fingers caught in a rat’s nest when he touches your hair.

Whether you are sporting the topknot, beach waves, or something a little more funky, I love Paul Mitchell’s prom kits with great styling products that will help you get your fabulous do.

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Mario Russo, owner of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, gave me these fabulous easy-to-follow tips to get your perfect prom do at home.  I suggest you practice over the next few weeks so you can get perfect prom hair without having to spend a fortune at a salon.

Top Knot

The Tools:

§  Paddle  brush

§  Hair tie (Mario suggests Bungees to prevent breakage)

§  5-6  Bobby pins

§  Soft bristle brush

§  Strong hold hair spray

§  Fine tooth comb


1.       With preferably unwashed hair, use a paddle brush to comb out your hair removing any knots

2.       Put your hair in a high ponytail at the top of your head

3.       Twist, braid, or simply wrap your ponytail hair around the hair tie to create a smooth “knot”

4.       Place Bobby pins at the base of the knot at a good angle to get as many hairs as possible, and spin the hair into a knot fastening hairs with the bobby pins.

5.       Use additional Bobby pins to secure any loose pieces

6.       To finish the look, spray a soft bristle brush with a little hairspray and use to smooth out any frizz

** For a fuller bun, tease the tresses of your pony tail before wrapping into a bun. To do this take 3” sections of the pony tail and hold them vertically upright running a small tooth comb rapidly up and down the strand. Repeat until the entire pony tail is teased and then gather and wrap into a looser bun before securing in place with the pins.

The Rock Star Pump Up’ Do

The Tools:

§  Hair dryer

§  Round brush

§  Hair clip

§  Hair tie

§  A container of Bobby pins

§  Fine tooth comb

§  2 “ curling iron

§  Hair gel

§  Hair spray

How to:

1.       Make sure your hair is blown out straight using a round brush

2.       Divide your hair into two sections separating the hair. The first section should be from the front of your crown to the middle of your head and the remaining hair is the second section.

3.       Clip the first section hair to the side taking the remainder of your hair, which should be the back and base of your neck, and tie into a low pony tail securing it with a hair tie

4.       Then, take the loose hair at the crown of your head and divide this into two pieces –  one, thin piece at the very front of your forehead clipping the remainder to the side

5.       Next, to create the pump, take the section of hair behind the front thin piece that was clipped and tease the strands. To do this you will take 3” sections and hold them away from your head in an upright vertical position, brushing a fine tooth comb rapidly up and down the strand. Repeat this until the whole section has been teased

6.       Setting the teased section aside, take the very front, thin section of the hair closest to the forehead and smooth it out with a large barrel curling iron. To do this, hold the piece directly out, away from your face. Starting as close to the root as possible, clamp the iron down on the section of hair and draw the iron slowly away from you until you reach the tip. This should create a slight upside down curve.

7.       Then, you’re going to take the smoothed piece of hair and pull it back over the teased section to cover it up so everything looks nice and smooth.

8.       After you have covered the teased section with the smooth piece, you are going to pin this in place using bobby pins to fasten the ends to the back of your head while making sure not to crush the pump you have created.

9.       After the pump is secured in place, take a dime sized portion of the gel and rub it in your palms. Then lightly smoothing any fly-aways on the pump

10.   Finish with a quick spritz of hair spray and you’ll be ready to go!

** To make this a complete up ‘do, take the pony tail and twist into a bun that sits at the nape of your neck using additional Bobby pins to secure it in place.

Beach Waves


The Tools:

§  Round brush

§  Blow dryer

§  3” flat iron  we use and recommend a 1″ flat iron

§  3 Hair clips for sectioning (Mario suggests duck clips to hold the hair in place)

§  Flat iron protectant spray

§  Medium hold hair spray

§  Finishing spray

The Instructions:

1.       Wash and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.

2.       Blow dry your hair straight using a 1 1/2 to 2″ barrel ceramic ion round brush

3.       Lightly mist your hair with a heat protectant spray

4.       Section your hair into three sections holding each in place with a clip

5.       Unclip the first section and take one 3” piece of hair, holding it out away from your face

6.       Place the flat iron so is it is vertical to your head and position it as close to the scalp as possible, then clamp down on the strand with your iron

7.       Quickly wrap the hair once around the iron then spin it 180 degrees away from your head in one smooth movement until the bottom of the strand is falling straight down (it’s important to know the slower the action the tighter the curl and the faster the action the looser the curl)…..bigger section, larger curl, smaller section, tighter curls.

8.       Then pull your iron down on your hair slowly towards your shoulder, stopping just short of the end of the strand

9.       Continue doing this with one piece of hair at a time

10.   Finish with a light mist of hair spray


**For a sexier look, run your fingers from roots to ends to increase volume! For an alternative curl, place the iron horizontally turning it 180 degrees toward your head pulling towards you in one continuous movement. This creates a curl with root drag for a more natural look. For a less structured look, try alternating the two methods then combing your locks gently with your fingers to break them up.