Pampering Your Daughter’s Hands and Feet

Pampering Your Daughter’s Hands and Feet

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After a long week of carpooling, grocery shopping, work, and all else we busy mothers do, its nice to have some mother-daughter bonding time where you can do something fun and relaxing together.  I like to clear a Saturday afternoon and have a special mother-daughter beauty day at home.  The goal of this time is to give my daughter an opportunity to really talk to me without distractions.  I want to know about school, her friends, and anything else that may be on her mind.  It’s a time to put the cell phone away and just concentrate on her.

When it comes to nails, some moms love nail polish for their daughters and others are completely against it.  I personally think it can be cute if the polish is light pink or has sparkles.  My daughter also likes to do each nail a different color using fun colors like blue, pink, yellow, green, and purple.  I don’t have an issue with that because it looks child-like.  Personally, I do not like the look of red nails on a ten year old because I find it a bit mature for my taste but , really this is personal preference.  If you are opposed to polish but your daughter is desperate to try it, I suggest you compromise with a nail brightener, clear polish, or clear with sparkles.

To make the day luxurious for your daughter, start by giving her a special manicure and pedicure.  All you need is cotton and nail polish remover if she wears polish, a set of nail scissors, a file, moisturizer, and some polish or nail brightener.


1. Find a hard surface such as a kitchen table where you can sit across from her. If you are going to use polish or polish remover, cover the surface with a towel and make sure there is good ventilation because these products tend to have a harsh smell.

2. Remove polish: Clean off old polish with cotton and nail polish remover.

3. File: Use a large sturdy file, and file both ways using tiny strokes.

4. Clean: Remove dirt from beneath the nails with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.

5. Polish: Using polish or a nail brightener, apply a base coat with even strokes to each nail. Next apply one coat of polish to each nail, and then apply a second coat followed by a clear top coat.

6. Dry: Keep hands still for least fifteen minutes to allow all

of the polish to dry thoroughly.

Tip: A nice light pink polish is always pretty and clean looking. For a little extra sparkle, try the color “Love Your Life” from Nicole by OPI. The bottle is filled with hearts and sparkles. It is a great compromise if you do not want her to wear a color because it is just clear polish with heart shaped sparkles added to it.  (Great for Valentine’s Day!)


There is nothing I love more than treating my daughter’s sweet little feet and making her feel like a princess. To make a pedicure at home feel truly luxurious, you will need the same tools you used for the manicure plus a nail brush, some bubble bath, some Epsom salts, and a scrub.

If you don’t have a scrub make your own by combining a  ½ cup brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 3 drops of honey . The scrub will exfoliate her feet and lower legs and make her feel fabulous!

Find a comfortable chair for her to sit in. At her feet, place a bucket of warm water on a towel. (I use the baby bathtub I got from the hospital when I brought her home as an infant!) Any light moisturizer for the massage will do. The key is to do as many luxurious things as possible so she feels like she is getting the full treatment.

1. Trim: Cut her nails straight across with a large, straight- edged toenail clipper or scissors.

2. File: File the rough edges of the nail.  Square-shaped nails are best to avoid ingrown toenails.

3. Soak: Soak her feet for five to ten minutes in warm water. You can add some bubble bath and Epsom salts to the water to make it a little fancier.

4. Exfoliate: Put a dime-size amount of scrub in your hand. Rub the rough skin on her heels and toes. Rinse off the scrub with the water from the bucket.

5. Clean: Brush her nails and feet with a wet

nail brush and soap. Then, stick her feet back in the bucket to rinse. Dry her feet well.

6. Moisturize: Massage her feet with moisturizer and give her a nice foot massage.

7. Separate her toes: Take a long strip of toilet paper and twist it so it looks like a snake. Wrap her toes as follows: Put the snake between her big toe and the second toe. Then pull it up through the space between the second and third toes. Go back down through the space between the third and fourth toes. Pull it back up between the fourth and the pinkie toes.

8. Polish: Apply polish to her toenails as you would to her fingernails. Let the polish dry and have her wear flip-flops for at least half an hour.

Your daughter will love the attention you are lavishing on her and you will enjoy the special time together.  Take pictures of your day and make a special album so you have memories that will last a lifetime.  I guarantee it will be something she will never forget!

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