New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Bring in the New Year with a new outlook not a silly diet!


Its that time of year again.  We are bombarded by diet commercials, promos for health clubs, and promises of a great body by drinking shakes instead of eating meals..  As you and your daughter watch the ads portraying pale, overweight women in house dresses miraculously transformed into svelte, tan hotties in bikinis, you wonder how would you even start.   This year you and your daughter can make a new year’s resolution to make your family healthier both physically and emotionally.  As for the bikini.. you have six months to work on that.



The new year is the perfect time to clean out your pantry, your fridge, and your freezer.  Enlist your daughter to help you and then take her shopping for better, healthier alternatives.  Here’s how:


Give away all your canned fruits packed in syrups and your canned veggies preserved with MSG.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are available year round at your local supermarket.  There is no excuse!


Every two weeks, buy ten pounds of chicken bones.  Put it in a large pot with half a peeled celery root, 5 cloves garlic, 2 peeled parsnips , half an onion, and some dill.  Cover it with water and cook it as long as you can (at least 4 hours).  Let it cool overnight and then transfer to plastic containers.  Refrigerate and then skim the fat when solidified.  Freeeze the soup and use alone or as a base for other soups.


Keep in mind, fat does not make you fat… sugar does.  With every meal eat a fat such as nuts, cheese, oil, or butter with your protein and carb. The fat slows down the sugars so you will feel fuller longer.   Do not eat processed foods labeled low fat.  They are loaded with sugar and MSG.


Pick out a few recipes you and your daughter can make together.  (Not pizza recipes….I mean chicken, fish, salads.. that kind of thing.)   Take your daughter to the supermarket and buy fresh ingredients.   If you can read, you can cook.  William Sonoma kids cookbook has great, easy recipes you can do with your daughter.  Remember, teaching your daughter how to cook is an important life lesson in being economical and self sufficient.


Often weight issues have a heavy emotional component.  Spend ten minutes with your daughter each night before she goes to sleep and talk about her feelings.  Wash your face together, give her a quick manicure, comb out her hair… anything to get her talking.


If its too cold to exercise outside, save up for the XBOX 360 Kinect.  They have great dance games you can follow together.  It is so much fun to battle each other’s dance moves and it is an amazing workout!  It is also great if you or your daughter are self conscience about your body.


Keep in mind to look and feel healthy, you have to be healthy.  Your focus should never be on dieting.  Rather, you are choosing a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.  Please stay away from diet pills, powders, and anything else that can not be maintained.  Good luck with your new healthy lifestyle.  Have a happy and healthy new year!

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