Naturally Beautiful

Naturally Beautiful

While I love all things beauty, I do my best to minimize the chemicals I use on a daily basis.  For those of you that try to do the same, there is a new talk show on the Veria Living Network called Naturally Beautiful with host Nitika Chopra.  I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on the show several times.

Nitika and I became friends not only bonding over beauty, but bonding over life and the hardships we both have had to overcome in our lifetimes. When you watch her show or subscribe to her website Your Bella Life you will meet a woman whose beauty goes way beneath the surface.  Naturally Beautiful is all about chemical-free beauty products, DIY, and health and wellness to bring out the naturally beautiful person you are.  Naturally Beautiful premiered last night and I encourage you to watch it on the Veria Living channel which is available worldwide.

Veria Living also has  its own product line of Aryuvedic skin care and hair care.  So, of course being the beauty junkie I am, I had to try everything so I could share with all of you.

My pet peeve with skin care products is synthetic fragrance.  In fact, I won’t even tell you about it if I don’t like the fragrance. So, when I took a whiff of the Veria ID Pitta dosha line, I was in heaven.

Being a lover of all things jasmine, I literally slathered the body butter everywhere.   The PITTA dosha products are made with 100% natural fragrance. The blend of Jasmine, Organic Bergamot, Geranium and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils will not only leave your skin feeling fabulous but the aryuvedic properties will  lift your mood.  The prices are also very reasonable which is important to me because I am never a believer on overspending for your skin care.

So, if you love natural products as I do, definitely check out to see all there fabulous shows on beauty, yoga, health, and wellness. If you are all about natural and want to try the Veria ID product line, it is available on their website.  Once you find this cable channel, you will get hooked on Naturally Beautiful and all there other great programming.  I feel like this channel was made just for me!