My Favorite Moisturizers for Summer

My Favorite Moisturizers for Summer

With summer in full force, its time to break out the spaghetti strap dresses, tanks, shorts, and of course those teeny weeny bikinis. Its a busy time for moms especially during that time between the end of school and camp. While you are getting those last minute camp things like shampoos and sunscreen, its a great time to update your moisturizers and get something lighter for summer.


Morning Moisturizers For the Face
I think its great to get your daughter in the habit of moisturizing every morning. For the summer, its best to get her an oil-free moisturizer just in case the hormones start raging and she gets a bit oily. Because we sweat more in the summer, oil free is fine for moms too!


My favorites:


Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer with SPF 15 which you can find in your local drugstore. I used this cream on my daughter and myself. It is really light and leaves skin soft and smooth.


Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 30 which you can find online at I am a huge fan of Mario Badescu skincare and have been using their line since I was a teenager. The ingredients are always gentle and you know you are getting a really great product.


Tinted Moisturizers
I LOVE LOVE LOVE tinted moisturizer sepecially for the summer. It evens out the complexion without feeling heavy like foundation. If your daughter is a teenager, she might really like tinted moisturizer especially if she is prone to blemishes.


My favorites:


Neutrogena Tone Correcting Tinited Moisture SPF 30 available at your local drugstore. It is so light and your daughter can wear it because the coverage is very light. It is great at the beach when you do not want to wear make-up but still want to look great and have that SPF.


Laura Geller Barely There Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 available at This is truly the most amazing tinted moisturizer I’ve tried. It feels feather-light while giving flawless coverage. I also love that in comes in a pump so the product stays free of contaminants. This is a must-have for summer!


Lancome Imanance at department stores. A little pricier than what’s in the drugstore but well- worth it. This is really great for moms. You look flawless but its moisturizer not foundation. You will look like you slept at least 3 hours more than you actually did.


Nightime Moisturizers for Mom


My new favorite:

I am inlove with this new line of products I found by Bremenn Research Labs. Bremenn 6 in 1 Cream and Upper Eyelid Lifter feels fabulous and my skin actually looked firmer. I usually don’t buy into creams tightening but the difference was noticeable. With all the packing for camp, school graduations, and the kids wanting to be entertained while they are home, I need all the help I can get. You can order these products online
The Body
Of course the body has to be beautiful in the summer. I love products with natural ingredients for my daughter and me.

My favorite:


Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Nourishing 24 Hour Body Moisturizer with Blueberry and Goji Berry which can be found at your local drugstore. It is so gentle and smells light and wonderful.


Don’t forget to hydrate especially in the summer months. Drink half your weight in ounces and moisturize each day. If you can add vitamin C to your diet and keep away from the junk food, you and your daughter will be on your way to glowing skin!