Mother’s Day Bonding Over Beauty

Mother’s Day Bonding Over Beauty

Mother’s day is full of great expectations. Like most moms, just because its mother’s day doesn’t mean we get the day off.

So, this year, I decided to do a pre-mother’s day treat.  I called my friend, Lyss Stern, the founder of to see if she wanted to join me in a much needed mommy spa day.  Always up for the latest beauty treatments, we sent the kids to school and met up at The Red Door Spa on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

We were whisked into a gorgeous changing room with plush robes and slippers.

Next, we were off to the relaxation room for some green tea. Then, for the treatments! We went up to the top floor and each had a new seasonal Mint Julep Spritzer Body Treatment. It was the perfect treatment to get rid of all that dry winter skin.  The room was equipped with a shower where I rinsed off the scrub and then had a mini full body massage.

As if it could not get any better, I had the Signature facial with Claudia who made my tired worn out skin look as good as new.  You know how the esthetician usually leaves you with the mask on your face for 20 minutes ?  Not here!  She massaged my hands and my scalp.  It was heavenly.  When I was done, my skin was bright and glowing.

Lyss and I then went to the relaxation room for some more tea and a few more minutes of heaven.  So, call a friend and bond over beauty before mother’s day!  Find a Red Door Spa in your area and try one of their many fabulous treatments!