Moms Night In

Moms Night In

As Moms, sometimes we need some me time.  Going out for a cocktail is not always the best remedy for a hard day.  I prefer to stay in and make beauty cocktails.  So, light some candles, run the bath, and try some of my favoirte things.

A Fruity Cocktail For Your Senses

Between the Sheets By Demeter

The Between the Sheets Cocktail was born during Prohibition in the 1920’s. A speakeasy was the only place to get a decent drink, and no respectable Flapper would be seen without her flask neatly tied to her leg. Most cocktails only masked the taste of inferior booze, so fruit juices became the standard mixers for just this purpose.

What it is:
Available in a cologne, diffuser oil, and body lotion, and atmosphere spray.

What it does:

An exotic and alluring blend of mango, guava, passion fruit, orange liquor, lemon juice and rum, irresistible to anyone who experiences it. : Cologne $39.50. Body Lotion $22.50, Diffuser Oil $25, Atmosphere spray $14

Happy hour for the shower

Senorita Margarita Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

What it is:
A three-in-one cleanser for hair and body with a hint of lime.

What it does:
Bring happy hour to the shower anytime with this multitasking formula and shake up your clean-routine. The moisturizing lather gently cleanses and conditions from head to toe, leaving behind a refreshing and delicious scent reminiscent of the classic cocktail. Cheers to vibrant, happy skin and hair.

Sephora:  $16.50

Scrub The Day Away

DIY Tequila body scrub

What You Need:

lime juice from one whole lime
white tequila
olive oil

How To Make It:

Mix the ingredients well and scrub your body with the mixture to exfoliate dead skin cells.  Rinse with warm water.

Vodka Martini For Your hair


What It Is:

Natural hair perfume freshens your hair in an infused hair tonic of botanicals, silk proteins & hydrating aloe vera.

What It Does:

Smirinoff Vodka lowers the pH of your hair and helps close the cuticle, thus make hair naturally shiny & healthy. Dead sea salts are mineral rich and nourish the hair, while also define curls and waves. Perfect spray to refresh your hair throughout the day. Martini mist can also be used on the body as a deodorant spray. $8.00

Wine For Your Skin


What It Is:

Caudalie uses grapes from their vineyard in France to create a unique mask suitable for all skin types.

What It Does:

Instant radiance: This gentle peel mask clears the complexion, tightens pores and gives you an immediate burst of radiance. Skin is left fresh and glowing. Gently exfoliates and brightens skin with Glycolic Acid and patented Viniferine. $40