Its All In The Brushes

Its All In The Brushes

Do you want to know the secret to truly flawless makeup? Its the brushes you use.  You could put on the best foundation with a sponge and look streaky.  Use a fluff brush to apply that same foundation and it looks perfect. Ever try applying liquid eyeliner with a soft brush and it ends up uneven and smudgy?  Do the same with a stiff slanted brush and you have perfection.  So, speaking of brushes, I have found the most incredible brushes and of course I need to share.

Morphé Brushes

Morp Brushes specializes in high-quality makeup brushes without the name-brand cost! All brushes are handmade, warrantied, and cruelty-free. I love that you can get natural brushes which I prefer for blush, eye shadow, and liquid liner.  Then, they have a full line of synthetics which are great to apply foundation and concealer.

My top pick

11 Piece Pro Set for $39.99