How Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso Protects Her Skin On The Mountain

How Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso Protects Her Skin On The Mountain

Olympic Skier, Julia Mancuso, is on the slopes every day.  While temperatures may be low on the mountain, the sun’s rays are still super strong.  So, she has teamed up with the Spot Skin Cancer Campaign to help prevent and detect skin cancer early on.  Click here to watch her video.

Skin Protection Tips

1.  Apply before you ski Julia always applies sunscreen 15 minutes before she skis so her skin can absorb the sunscreen.

2.  UVA/UVB or Zinc Choose a sunscreen with broad spectrum protection to protect against UVA and UVB rays. For maximum protection, Julia puts zinc oxide on her nose to protect against sunburn. I like sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide because it does not irritate my skin.  I find sunscreens that contain avobenzone irritate my skin especially when I reapply.  Mineral based sunscreens are another favorite of mine especially if you wear makeup.

3.  Reapply – Keep a small sunscreen in your ski jacket so you can reapply every few hours on the mountain. I always reapply after lunch and hot chocolate breaks.

4.  Protect your eyes Since UV rays are more powerful at a higher altitude and rays reflect off the snow, Julia likes to wear a mask or bandana to protect her face and avoid a goggle tan line. Goggles and glasses also help to keep you from getting crow’s feet around your eyes.

5.  Hats and Helmets A helmet or a hat is a great way to give yourself some added sun protection. Julia likes her trucker hats or a helmet.

Here are some of my favorite sunscreens:

Neutrogena Sensitive SPF 60  $10.49

Vertra SPF 45 $22.95

Zinka $6.99

Brush on Block Instant Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 $30

Now you and your skin can enjoy the slopes!