Help Your Tweens/Teens Boost Their Self-Confidence

Help Your Tweens/Teens Boost Their Self-Confidence

I am an Invisalign Teen® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own. Full disclosure

If you have tween girls and boys, you know this is the most challenging time you, as a mom, have faced to date. Fitting in is the driving force in a middle schooler’s life. They believe if they have the right outfit, score the perfect goal, or post the best selfie, they will be popular. When things do not go the way they anticipated, it can be endless nights of tears, door slamming, and defiance. Add to that, a body changing by the day and fluctuating hormones and mom’s life is a battlefield.

If you have high schoolers, the issues are getting tougher. As academic work gets more challenging, sports become more competitive, and social relationships seem more complex, the world of your teen is a difficult place. There is constant pressure to be on social media and many teens are distracted by the feeling they are being judged daily be their peers.

So, how do parents combat all the negativity our children face in a world where each mistake or wrong move can end up going viral on the Internet? The answer is more obvious than you may think. Help your children boost their self-confidence! But how?

Here are some tips:


  • We spend so much time demanding better grades, better attitude, better everything from our kids. Often, we forget to tell them just how proud we are to be their parents.
  • If your child loves soccer–but you are more of an artist–you can introduce them to art but you also must encourage and help them pursue soccer.
  • Looking good makes everyone feel better about themselves. Help them choose clothes that flatter them, find a stylist that gives them a great haircut, and address the issues that make them feel the most insecure.
  • Kids are self absorbed and often they just want to talk about their world, their friends, and their thoughts. So, let them tell you everything. It will make them feel confident knowing someone thinks enough of them to listen.
  • If your child feels you are there no matter what, they will feel more secure within themselves. When you give up on them, they give up on themselves.

According to positive self-esteem can:

  1. Act as a buffer against negative influences
  2. Lead to better mental health
  3. Lead to success
  4. Give you satisfaction
  5. Enable teens to cope with life’s challenges

But, boosting your child’s self-confidence is no easy task and it takes a lot of hard work. That’s why I have teamed up with the makers of Invisalign Teen® clear aligners to bring you an interactive pocket guide full of practical tips to help you open communication with your tween or teen, deal with the challenges of social media and peer pressure, and help you give them the gift of self confidence! Click here to view and download this free guide and to learn more about what teens and moms have to say about confidence. Also, as part of the campaign, Invisalign Teen is making a donation to — an organization that builds teen confidence by creating opportunities for them to drive positive change in the world. Click here to learn how you can help.

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