Help Your Teen Get Clearer Skin in 28 Days

Help Your Teen Get Clearer Skin in 28 Days

Its summer time and that means break-outs for your teens due to pores clogged by perspiration, sun screens, and makeup.  So, start them on a skin care regimen that will help them keep their skin cleaning and looking healthy.  Here are a few tips that can make all the difference:

1.  Cleanse

I recommend your teen use a gentle face wash such as Oxy Rapid Treatment Sensitive Skin Face Wash every morning and night for oily to acne prone skin.  For normal to dry skin, washing in the evening is all they need. Its fragrance-free formula will remove dirt and oil without irritating the skin.

For girls who wear makeup, use a gentle eye makeup remover to remove eye makeup and then follow up with the face wash.

2.  Prevent Blemishes

For hormonal teens skin, blemishes seem to come out of nowhere. But, often they can be prevented.  I like Oxy Rapid Treatment 3-in-1 Pads.  I have my son bring these with him to use right after gym class or a hard workout to gently remove the dirt and oil that can cause future break-outs.  Its also great to use at night after the face wash to remove any excess dirt and oil.  If your teen is prone to blackouts around the nose and on the chin, this is the perfect solution!

3.  Spot Treatment

Of course all blemishes can’t be prevented, but they can be treated.  With 10% benzyl peroxide, Oxy Rapid Spot Treatment visibly reduces redness in just 4 hours. You should always have this handy when those nasty breakouts rear their ugly heads.

4.  The 28 Day Challenge

Download the 28 Day Challenge App for a customized acne treatment plan so you can track your progress and have cleaner brighter skin within one month!

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