Help Your Teen Feel Self-confident Even When They Fall Short

Help Your Teen Feel Self-confident Even When They Fall Short

I am an Invisalign Teen® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own.

Good grades, excelling in sports or the arts, expressing their own personal style, and looking great are some of the many ways teens derive their self-esteem.  As a parent, it’s easy to build your teen’s self confidence in their areas of strength.  However, encouraging them when they feel insecure is where the tough parenting begins. Here are some parenting tips to help you help your teen feel self-confident even when they fall short.

  1. Stay Connected with School

Poor academic grades have a negative effect on your teen because they feel they have failed both their parents and themselves.  Many schools post grades and homework online. Check to make sure your student is completing their work and ask teachers to contact you should they see low grades and incomplete homework.  You can only help if you know what is going on.

  1. Talk to Coaches

Coaches can be a wonderful influence on teens.  If you feel your teen is feeling insecure, ask a coach to give them some encouragement. Most understand their responsibility goes far beyond helping their team score points or get good grades.


  1. Set Goals They Can Achieve

There is no better feeling than attaining a goal. If your teen is a C student, make the goal a B. If your teen does not enjoy exercise, set a goal to walk a mile. When they meet their goals, encourage them to set new ones.

  1. Look Good, Feel Great

In a recent Teen Confidence survey 9 out of 10 teens felt their looks affected popularity. Help your teen look and feel their best. Instead of ugly metal braces to fix crooked teeth, opt for Invisalign Teen® clear aligners. They are virtually invisible allowing teens to straighten their teeth and smile with confidence throughout their treatment.

Look at these before and after Invisalign Teen transformations. They look fantastic!


  1. Be Encouraging

When faced with a poor grade, a cut from a team, or being left out of a party, be there to encourage your teen and make them feel you are there for support not judgement. Try to help them problem solve and comfort them during the difficult times.


As parents we all need a little help when times get tough with our teens. They go from being sweet and cuddly to slamming their door literally overnight. To help you get through the teen years and if you need more teen-confidence parenting advice, you’re in luck…

The Invisalign Teen brand commissioned a teen confidence survey that pinpointed data around what makes teens feel self confident and what influences them. I used the insights from the survey to write an online parenting guide where I applied the teen confidence survey research to real life parenting situations.  The guide provides parents with information and tips to help them build their teens’ self esteem, navigate the world of social media, deal with peer pressure, and so much more.

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