Halloween Safety for Teens

Halloween Safety for Teens

According to the National Safety Council, in 2013, there were an estimated 6,100 pedestrian deaths on Halloween due to motor vehicle incidents. If you have a teen, its even scarier because chances are they are roaming around in the dark unchaperoned and darting across the street with friends. So, how do you keep your teen safe this Halloween?

1. Put reflective tape on their clothes and shoes so motorists can see them.

2. Avoid costumes with masks that can hamper their peripheral vision. This could lead to an accident crossing the street.

3. Girls should be in comfortable shoes so they don’t trip. Its also important for them to be able to run to get out of the way of a car or if they get into an uncomfortable situation.

4. Discuss with your teen where they can and cannot go.

5. Track their whereabouts with apps like Find Friends.

6. Give them a curfew and call in times when they need to check in with you.

7. If they are going to a party, speak to the parents to ensure it will be chaperoned.

8. Talk to your kids about vandalism and the repercussions of such behavior such as being arrested which can get them kicked out of school and jeopardize their future.

9. Tell them to be extra careful crossing the street because there could be intoxicated drivers on Halloween night.

10. If your kids are going to a party, tell them to keep an eye on their drink. Once they have put it down, they should not drink it again.