Halloween For Your Tween

Halloween For Your Tween

Halloween is the night every girl lives for and most moms could live without.  Between the porn star costume your daughter wants to wear in the freezing cold and the fight because she wants to go alone with her friends knocking on strangers’ doors in the dark, it makes for a tough night.  But, I have some tips to help you navigate.

Know What’s Hot

If you think your daughter should be a hot dog or a crayon, think again.  Ask her what’s popular and visit some websites with her to get an idea of what she is thinking.  My daughter told me zombies and Katie Perry are really popular this year.  So we found these great looks  which she loves because they are hip, and I love because she is not half naked.

Focus on Creepy not sexy Zombie Bride

Its all about creep this year.  The more blood and gore the better.  I love this Monster Bride Costume that is new for 2012.  Its short so she will love it but you can pair it with leggings or tights so its appropriate.

Its all about the hair and makeup

A fabulous wig and lots of makeup is what really makes it a costume.  If she wants to look like Katy Perry, focus on the lashes and a great blue wig instead of the skimpy costume.

Amazon and Rickys have great Katy Perry wigs and false lashes.  Apply lash glue to the rim of the false lash, then press the lash to her lash line.  If the lashes are to long from end to end, trim them a little for the perfect look.

Offer to throw a Halloween party for her friends

Now that you have the costume, its key you know she is safe.  Offer to throw a party at your house that way you know she is safe.  It that is not an option, be sure you know who she will be with and where she is going.  If you want to chaperone her, then you should get into the spirit and wear a costume too.  Let her pick it out so she does not feel you are embarrassing her.

Halloween safety for your tween/teen

Halloween is easy when they are little.  You chaperone them trick or treating at 5 and they are in bed by 8.  But, tweens and teens still love Halloween and want to roam the streets by themselves in the dark.  But how do you keep them safe?

1.  Girls should be in comfortable shoes so they can run if they get into an uncomfortable situation.

2.  Establish where they can and cannot go.

3.  Give them a curfew and call in times when they need to check in with you.

4.  Have a party at your house so you know where they are.

5.  If they are going to a party, speak to the parents to ensure it will be chaperoned.

6.  Tell your kids about the dangers of eating candy from strangers or drinking something after leaving it unattended.

7.  Talk to your kids about vandalism and the repercussions of such behavior such as being arrested which can get them kicked out of school and jeopardize their future.

8.  They will be out at night so they need some sort of reflective tape on their clothing so drivers can see them

9.  Tell them to be extra careful crossing the street because adult get drunk on Halloween and there could be intoxicated drivers

10.  Talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol.  If they are at a party where that is present and the police come, everyone gets arrested even if they are not doing anything.  The police don’t discriminate if you were engaging in the behavior or not.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!