Hair Removal 101 For Moms of Young Girls

Hair Removal 101 For Moms of Young Girls

No matter how old you are, getting rid of unwanted hair is painful and the bane of most women’s existence. If you are the mother of a nine year old girl whose body is changing, it can be an even greater challenge.


Facial Hair
Your pre-pubescent daughter has a mustache and her brows grow together, what do you do?

You should absolutely SHAVE the hair.
It will not come back stubbly like a man’s beard. That is a MYTH. You will probably only have to do it every other week. It is painless, safe for all skin types, and a perfect prep for electrolysis when she is older.



    1. After a shower, spread shaving cream on the area.


    1. Use a razor like the Venus and insert a fresh blade.


    1. Shave the area in light strokes.



Do Not:


Bleaching and depilatories burn the skin.
Waxing and tweezing destroy the root and make the hair more stubborn later on. If she ever chooses to do electrolysis or laser later on, all the waxing and tweezing will make the process take longer.


Legs and Underarms
Your nine year old daughter wants to shave her legs and underarms and you think she is too young. What do you do?


Ask yourself why you have such an issue with your daughter growing up. You are being old fashioned and insensitive to her feelings. Would you want to walk around with hairy legs at school where the slightest imperfection can bring on teasing and poor self-esteem? If she wants to shave, follow the instructions above.


Bikini Line
Summertime is approaching and it is time to put on that bathing suit. Her bikini line is less than perfect and she is only 11. What do you do?


If she is going to camp, I suggest you wax it so it is clean for the summer.


Shaving is okay too but she might get irritation especially in the less-than-sanitary conditions at camp.


You should not tell her she is too young and force her to walk around her friends looking that way. If you feel so strongly on this issue, you need to come to terms with why you feel this way and let her be the most self-confident girl she can be.


Electrolysis is the safest and most effective type of permanent hair removal but should not be done until after menstruation. I highly recommend this option. It does hurt but the hair is generally gone after 6 months of treatment. My favorite place in New York City is Lucy Peters International.


Laser is another method of permanent hair removal but it leaves marks especially on darker skin. It is an option I do not recommend.


Good luck during this difficult time! Be the mom you would want to have. You will find an easier path to a healthy open relationship.