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24 Aug
5 Principles of Coach Parenting

Hold your kids accountable for their time.  That means homework assignments should be turned in on time, they need to get up and...

19 Jul
Rose Facial

This summer I have really focused on getting in great shape. I start my mornings with a workout in central park and on...

07 Apr
Spring Is Here

Spring is here and I want to keep my family moving forward by starting things off right. Both my teenagers just had growth...

Creating Balance

To move my family forward this year, I am helping them create more balance in their lives. My son is a sophomore in...

20 Mar
Spring Beauty

Spring is here that means its time to update your beauty routine. My daughter and I love beauty boxes! Its a great...

08 Mar
A Parenting Plan For Spring

Teaching your teens to be on time, even a little early, teaches them how to prioritize, organize, and manage all they have to...

20 Jan
Clean Beauty

I just got back from Denver and I found the most amazing store for clean beauty products....

03 Jan
Pamper Yourself

With the cold winter weather under way, its all about relaxing and taking care of yourself. Start this Sunday, January 8th by celebrating...

27 Dec
New Year, New Beauty Routine

Its a new year and that means its time to make some beauty resolutions. No more going to bed with bits of mascara...