Getting In Shape

Getting In Shape

I looked at pictures of me and decided that was not the body I wanted. I wanted to get lean and toned and stay that way! So, here is what I did.



    1. Decide you are going to really do this! Change your eating habits and make the new habits a lifestyle not a diet.


    1. Stop eating bread for 30 days. After 30 days of being irritable, you won’t miss it so much. Do not go back to it!!!


    1. Once the bread is gone, its time to give up the pasta.


    1. No boozing! That means wine, beer, and liquor. You can’t give it up or you won’t?


    1. Now, you want to limit your sugar intake as much as possible. Berries, pears, and apples are better choices than citrus fruits. Of course cake, ice cream, frozen yogurt are all off the list.


    1. Snack during the day. An apple with peanut butter is great because you are mixing a carb with some fat. Carbs alone will raise your blood sugar too quickly. You always want a fat to slow it down.


    1. Start getting a colonic once per week. This helps your body get rid of toxins and I think it is fantastic for cellulite reduction.


    1. Start to face the problems in your life. We hold so much emotion and stress in our bodies. If you let it go, the weight will go with it. Keep a diary of your feelings, see a therapist, talk to a friend. Whatever you need to do. But, get those feelings out.


    1. Excercise three times per week at the same time each day. No heavy weights, no spot training. I think its best to just go to an exercise class at a gym. You know you will train for an hour straight and you don’t have to think. Make sure there is some cardio and be careful of spin classes where you are at risk for building bulk on your legs.


    1. 10. Start loading up on vitamins every day:C to stay healthy

      B complex to combat stress

      E for healing,
      Probiotic for your stomach



This is the simplified version to what I did. But, please feel free to email me questions.


Decide to do it. Make the decision to change your life!