Get Your Daughter’s Feet Ready For Spring

Get Your Daughter’s Feet Ready For Spring

With spring underway, it is flip-flop season. Is there anything more disgusting than a girl in flip-flops with dirt under her uncut scrappy toenails? I think not.

There is nothing I love more than treating my daughter’s sweet little feet to an at-home pedicure and making her feel like a princess. While I know it is easy to go to a salon to have it done, even the cleanest places are a breeding ground for nail fungus and warts. I recommend you take 20 minutes out of your day and give your daughter a pedicure at home.

To make a pedicure at home feel truly special, buy an inexpensive scrub with little granules to exfoliate her feet. Any moisturizer for the massage will do. The key is to do as many luxurious things as possible so she feels like she is getting the full treatment.

She will love being the center of your attention and you will love her pretty, groomed toes.

At Home Pedicure


    1. Trim: Cut her nails straight across with a large toenail clipper.


    1. File: File the rough edges of the nail with a fine emery board. Square shaped nails are best to avoid ingrown toe-nails.


    1. Soak: Soak her feet for 5-10 minutes in warm water. You can add some bubble bath and Epsom salts to the water to make it a little fancier. I use the little pink baby tub they gave me when I brought her home from the hospital. But, any waterproof bucket will do. Just place it on the floor with a towel under it.


    1. Exfoliate: Rub the rough skin on her heels and toes with a scrub. She will love this!


    1. Clean: Brush her nails and feet with a wet nail brush and soap. Then, stick her feet back in the bucket to rinse. Dry your feet well.


    1. Moisturize: Massage her feet with cream and give her a nice foot massage.


    1. Separate her toes: Take some toilet paper and twist it so it looks like a snake. Wrap her toes as follow: Put the snake between her big toe and the second toe. Then pull it up through the space between the second and third toe. Go back down through the space between the third and fourth toe. Pull it back up between the fourth toe and the pinkie toe.


    1. Polish: Apply polish to her toes as you did to her nails. Let the polish dry. Don’t let her wear shoes for at least an hour.

Teaching your daughter to take pride in her feet is a valuable life lesson. Spending time pampering her is something she will always remember. While it may seem like a little thing to you, it will tell her you love her and want to make her feel good.

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