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Creating The Family Schedule

Create A Family Schedule

1. Schedule the non-negotiables

Enter these items first: school, exercise, homework, religious school, chores, play practice, sleep, etc.

2. Schedule mealtimes.

Your kids need to eat regularly and on a schedule so they are not skipping meals. Set mealtimes supply nutrition, stabilize moods, and provide your kids with energy. It also allows the family to sit down and eat together.  Studies show eating as a family lowers the risk of teen drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and poor school performance.

3. Schedule time for family fun

Going snow shoeing, building a snowman baking, playing a pickup game of basketball, taking a spin class- are are all fun things you can do as a family!

4. Have kids make a wish list.

What activities do your kids want to do but don’t have the time for? Whether it’s snowboarding, skiing, baking, or painting, these activities take time and require planning.

Note: Take a look at your kids’ phone usage. Eliminating time on Snapchat, Instagram, group chats, Netflix, and online games is a great way to find time for the wish- list activities. 

5. Schedule at least 3 families meals a week when you will eat together with no phones, tablets, or computers

Pick The Menu Together

Have Your kids help you decide what to make for the meal.

Shop together for the ingredients

Your kids can clip coupons and go to the store with you to help you pick up everything you will need.

Cook Together

Give everyone a task from setting the table to chopping veggies to making a special dessert

Sit Down To A Meal As A Family

Everyone should be expected to sit at the table and talk.  Nobody should be allowed to get up until everyone is finished with their dinner.