Fabulous Holiday Hair

Fabulous Holiday Hair

This holiday, there are so many great holiday looks.  So, I asked Mario Russo, owner & lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston to give me some tips to style my three favortie looks – The Pixie, The Pony, and The Natural Wild Curls.  Here are his fabulous tips that you can totally do at home.

Pixie: Side-swept bangs and a statement headband

•   Spray damp hair with a heat styling spray. Oribe’s Maximista is a great option for maximum fullness or if you are looking to achieve a smoother look, Oribe’s Smooth Style Serum works wonders.

•   Always blow-dry bangs first! Once the hair is dry it becomes set in that position so it is best to begin in the front

•   Once the front of your hair is dry, focus on the back. Blow-dry the back of your hair with a round-brush, while simultaneously pushing the hair forward to create volume.

•    Blow-dry with the nozzle attachment pointing in the direction you are drying the hair. If you have a concentrator, use that for extra concentration of heat. This will help the hair dry faster and also achieve a smoother finish!

•   To create a more piece-y look, use your fingers along with Oribe’s Fiber Architect to add separation and texture, if you want this style to look a bit undone. It’s sexy and fun!

•   Finish the style with a soft hold hairspray like MoroccanOil Luminous Hairspray.

•   Add a beaded headband for some holiday sparkle. Or opt for small beaded clips to secure a few front pieces of hair off to the side. Anthropologie has a great selection of headbands and clips!

Medium Length: Polished Pony

•   Apply a heat protectant spray to damp hair before blow-drying it straight. My go-to is Bumble & Bumble’s Styling Lotion.

•   Once hair is dry, add extra texture to locks by wrapping 1-inch sections of strands around a 1-inch curling wand. This will add dimension to your style without making your hair look overly curled or too voluminous. Don’t curl every strand of hair and only keep hair on the iron for a few seconds. You want these to be very loose, separated waves…think beach-inspired!

•   Once hair is curled to your liking, shake the curls out with your fingers and spray the roots of your hair with a texture spray like Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finishing Spray to add extra volume to the crown.

•   Next, part hair down the middle using a fine-tooth comb to make an even line. Pull hair back to create a low ponytail at the base of the neck and secure with elastic (look for one that matches the color of your hair, so it blends in!). Feel free to pull the ponytail to the side for some added interest to the style.

•   Finally, take a 1 inch section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail out and wrap it the base of your ponytail to conceal the elastic. Secure the wrap with a bobby pin and liberally spray the look with a strong hold hairspray. For added flair, twist the piece of hair as you wrap it around the elastic.

Natural Curls: Soft, Bouncy curls

•   Begin with dry hair that’s prepped with a styling spray such asBumble & Bumble Thickening Spray for added volume and hold.

•   Section off your hair into 6-8 different sections, depending on your hair’s texture and thickness.

•   Wrap each section of hair around a medium-sized round styling brush and use your blow-dryer and brush to curl hair under. Yes, you are using the blow-dryer on already dry hair! This will add extra texture and volume to locks, especially if hair was washed the day or 2 days before.

•   Once the hair in each section is re-dried and curled under, take 2-inch roller and wrap hair around them only 2 or 3 times. You only want the ends of your hair to be curled, so avoid making the curls tight by rolling them all the way to the base of your scalp.

•   Let the rollers set for 10 minutes.

•   Gently unwrap the hair from the rollers and use your fingers to loosen the curls. You can even flip hair upside down to shake out the curls and add volume.

•   Finish with Oribe’s Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray to create separation and a beachy looking wave in the hair. This product gives a light hold and adds shine without making hair stiff.