Bonding Over Brushes, Buns, and Braids

Bonding Over Brushes, Buns, and Braids

One of the things I love most about having a daughter, is brushing and styling her hair.  Whether its combing through the tangles, getting the perfect fishtail braid, or pinning it into a bun for ballet, I have so much fun talking to my daughter while completely focused on her.

But, no girl wants to let anyone brush her hair if it hurts. So, I found some tools to make brushing and styling your daughter’s hair ouchless.

Goody Ouchless Girls Oval Cushion Brush

Goody Ouchless Girls brushes are the perfect way to brush through both wet and dry hair without the “ouch!” The exclusive FlexGlide™ bristles combine strength with flexibility to get through messy hair gently so your daughter won’t feel snags and pulls. Plus, they come in two shapes/sizes: Oval and Purse. Both shapes are available in pink and purple so they look as good as they feel when your daughter brushes through those tangles.

Price: $8.99  Available at Wal-Mart

Goody Simple Styles Girls Bun Maker Kit

So, as good as I am with hair, I always find it difficult to get that perfect ballerina bun.  I always seem to miss a few stragglers or end up with a clump of hair sticking up on one side.  So, I was so excited to find the Goody Simple Styles Girls Bun Maker Kit.  It comes in a small box with a few elastics, a donut bun maker and a bow to finish the look. Available in Blonde and Brunette.

Price $4.99 Available at K-Mart

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin:

To get all those fun summer looks, I like to use the Goody Simple Style Spin pins.  Right now, my daughter loves me to fishtail braid her hair and then wrap it into a loose messy bun. The Goody Simple Styles Spin pins come in Blonde and Brunette so I can achieve this look and the pins are both functional and cool looking in her hair.

Price: $6.51 at Wal-Mart

So bond over brushes, bond over braids, and bond over beauty with your daughter this summer.  All you need are the right tools!