Away From Home

Away From Home

If your daughter is going to camp or on a teen tour this summer, its time to start packing! With all the clothes and shoes to get, its easy to forget the beauty products. So here is a list to get you on your way.

BUY HER MAKE-UP AND TOILETRIES in your hometown. if she is going abroad. Do not assume she can just pick up what she needs. Toiletries are much more expensive overseas and it is always a challenge to find exactly the same products we have here. For camp, I would not assume they have anything she needs except for first aid products.

Start with your hands on her head to remind you to buy shampoo and conditioner. Then have her move her hands down her face which reminds her of tweezers for eyebrows, mascara, for lashes, tissues for the nose, lipstick for the lips, etc. Get it? If not, this list should help.


Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangling spray
Comb, Brush, Curlers
Bobby pins & Barrettes
Elastic bands
Head bands
Hairdryer (1800-2000 watts)

(Hairdryers must have alternate settings for outlets outside the U.S.)

Tip !:
Instead of large bottles of shampoo, travel size bottles are make it easy to discard each empty bottle as she uses it up. This is also great if she takes weekend trips.

Tip 2:
If she has very kinky curly hair, consider a relaxer such as Japanese or Brazilian straightening at your local salon.


Tweezers for brows
Make-up & chapstick
Depilatory or razor for hair above the lip if she does not want to wax it
Liquid facial cleanser
Pimple cream
Moisturizer w/spf 15
Travel-size toothbrush & toothpaste
Cotton and tissue packets

Do not forget a small double-sided magnifying mirror for putting on make-up, tweezing, etc.

Tips 2:
Tinted moisturizer with spf gives skin an even look while protecting her face from the sun.
My favorite is Lancome.

Razor, Razor Blades & Shaving cream
Nail file & Clippers
Nail polish & Remover pads
Baby Oil or Body Lotion
Tampons, Pads, Panty-liners
Baby Powder
Liquid Body Wash
Anti-fungal spray for athletes foot
Flip Flops for communal showers
Mole skin & bandages for blisters

If she will be away for a month, wax legs, underarms, upper lip, eyebrows and bikini line so she can go a month without shaving. But, pack a razor and shaving cream in case it grows back before she leaves.

Now that you have your checklists, it is time to go shopping and get everything she will need for her trip. It is so important to show her you are enthusiastic about her time away. If she feels you are hesitant about her leaving, it will be harder for her to leave home. So, make a day of it together. Go to a salon and get her waxed, have her haircut, do manicure/pedicures together, and get her all that she needs. It will be fun for both of you and a great way to send her off!

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