A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Comfort

A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Comfort

Pregnancy can be a glorious time. While some women bask in the glow of this little miracle and never feel ill or in pain, others go through the pregnancy feeling uncomfortable, tired, and generally miserable. You don’t have to let the pains of pregnancy take away your joy during this time. Here are a few ways you can stay comfortable while pregnant.
Be Prepared with Layers
The hormones moving through your body can affect your internal temperature. You may switch from feeling hot to cold even if the room temperature is stable. Plan on wearing layers so that you can adjust your clothes accordingly.

Keep Moving
The best thing a pregnant woman can do is to maintain healthy activity levels. If you were hitting the gym every day before you conceived, then you should plan on keeping up with that routine. Talk to your doctor before hand to see if there are any exercises you should avoid. Regular walks or going to the pool for an easy swim or some water aerobics will also help you stay limber and avoid some of the pains of pregnancy.

Watch the Circulation
One common complaint of pregnancy is swelling in the ankles. As the blood pools in the ankles, it can lead to problems with elevated heart rate for mother and child. Compression leggings can be worn throughout the day, and experts recommend wearing them throughout the pregnancy to alleviate swollen feet and ankles along with tired, aching legs.

Take a Stretch
Nothing feels better than a good stretch when you’re tired, and that same stretch can do wonders when you’re pregnant. Rather than remaining in a seated position for hours on end, try to stand up once or twice every hour and do a 30-second stretch. Raise your arms over your head, clasp your fingers together with palms facing up, and stretch towards the ceiling. Then put your hands on a desk or table and stretch your back upwards like a cat arching. You’ll feel energized afterwards because it helps to get your blood moving.

Plan on Regular Bathroom Breaks
You have a growing baby resting on your bladder, so you’ll need to use the restroom more often. It’s a simple and inescapable fact of being pregnant. Plan on hourly restroom breaks to avoid having too much pressure build up on the bladder.

A Toast to Comfort
You may have given up alcohol during the pregnancy, but you need to get plenty of water. Drinking more water will help you stay hydrated and healthy while keeping you cooler when the temperature gets hot. Carry a water bottle with you so that you can keep up with hydration throughout the day.

Change up the Meals
Your routine may involve two or three meals, but it’s time to mix up the schedule. Rather than three large meals, go with four or five smaller meals. This will help stabilize your metabolism and you’ll be more comfortable.

Finally, take the time to get plenty of sleep. Your body is exerting a great deal of energy towards this little miracle, and resting will help you replenish your levels. Take naps, go to bed early and sleep a little late when you can. If you’re struggling with sleep, try a glass of warm milk to help you relax before you lay down to go to sleep. When you follow these tips, you can enjoy your pregnancy more because you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed.