A Parenting Plan For Spring

A Parenting Plan For Spring

 I am an Invisalign® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own. Full disclosure.

It’s spring and for my family, I like to use this time to make goals and put a plan into action. I have two teenagers and their self-confidence is always my top priority. So, here are five of my goals and how I plan to achieve them.

Goal #1 – Be On Time

Teaching your teens to be on time, even a little early, teaches them how to prioritize, organize, and manage all they have to do. It keeps them moving forward and helps them not fall behind on their schoolwork.


You can help your kids be on time by being a stickler for promptness. On Sunday, go over their homework schedule to make sure assignments will be completed on time, even a day early. Also, be sure to praise them every time they meet a deadline and give them an extra incentive for work done ahead of schedule.

If your dealing with curfews and your teen comes home ten minutes late, then take away fifteen minutes from their curfew next time–ten minutes to make up for being late, plus a five-minute penalty. After three times being late, they lose a night out. 

Goal #2 – Boost Confidence…

Straighten crooked teeth without losing confidence.


What I love about this action is that Invisalign® treatment straightens your teen’s teeth while keeping him or her moving forward to a more self-confident smile. The treatment is a custom-made series of clear, comfortable aligners that are worn over teeth and are changed every two weeks to gradually shift teeth into place.

In September, my daughter received her first set of Invisalign clear aligners, which are removable and virtually invisible — she’s now on her twelfth set and seeing great results! I love that scanning technology now allows the orthodontist to take impressions digitally without that messy plaster from when we were kids. I also love that the treatment is so easy and shows noticeable results right away, without metal wires and brackets getting in the way. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Invisalign is a hot trend among my daughter’s friends, so she feels confident because her smile looks better and she has the “cool” teen treatment for straightening teeth

My son is finishing up his Invisalign treatment and his selfies are all smiles! Great teeth are a step forward to a more self-confident smile.

Here are the before and current photos—his teeth look fantastic!

 Goal #3 – Preparation = Confidence…

Help them feel confident when the stakes are high. Get their grades moving up.


Kids get nervous before a big game, a dance recital, a test. This year, I want to help my teens feel confident and relaxed even when the stakes are high. Starting this now will be a great asset in their lives going forward. So how do you do this? Great preparation! If your teen gets a 70 on a vocabulary test that’s pure memorization, it’s because they are unprepared. Go over the words with them over and over until they know the definitions perfectly. Show them how true preparation really looks. Try to bring that type of preparation into everything they do and the confidence will build.

Goal #4 – Observe and Listen More…

Learn more about my teens and how I can help them move forward with their goals.


I want to help my kids meet their goals and move forward to what they want. So, we sat down and made a list of goals and then a list of small goals to help them achieve the bigger ones. My son wants to get an “A” for the year in physics. So, each good quiz grade, homework grade, and test grade is a step forward to the larger goal of the “A” for the year.

Goal #5 – More Family Meal Time Moving Forward…

Eat together more often.


When your kids become teenagers, eating together is more important than ever. It’s the time you find out what is going on in their life and it’s also the time you can influence the decisions they make going forward. To keep everyone on track, I suggest creating a family schedule that includes family mealtime, so the entire family is aware when it’s time to eat dinner as a family.

Parenting is never easy. Each day, make small changes that will get you closer to your goals for the whole family. It can be as simple as sharing a snack, putting your phone down when your teen enters the room or telling them how much you love their smile. Little things go a long way.