A Note From A Thirteen Year Old Girl

A Note From A Thirteen Year Old Girl

Dear Erika,

Hello there I am a 13y year old girl :) I weigh 55kg and I’m about 158 cm tall… Is this typical or will I  need to lose just a little weight? My difficulty is that I do not like veggies (I like two in total) and don’t really like fruit. And in my lunch box there may be absolutely nothing but junk meals l(just before you start this isn’t my mums fault). What exactly are some items I could have in my lunch box? The veggies that I do not like are capsicum (red) and cucumber. I dont like sandwiches and do not like many fruits… Fruits I like are watermelon, oranges (when in time) mandarins, I also like green apples but can not eat them at school because they may well break my braces. Do you’ve any ideas what I could have? Also I do not like yogurt or muesli bars. Thank you for your assistance!

Dear Thirteen Year Old Girl,

Thank you so much for your question.  I am so glad you wrote to me because as a mom my biggest daily problem is what to pack my daughter for lunch each day.  I want it to be healthy and she wants it to be yummy.  On top of that, when she eats food containing gluten such as bread and pasta her stomach swells up and she gets a rash.  She is not a big fruit lover which makes it difficult.  But, here are my suggestions.

1.  Protein-

Pick a protein you like such as tuna fish, turkey, chicken, roast beef, hummus, or black bean dip.  Keep away from bologna, sausages, and salami because often these are filled with nitrates.  Your meal will be based around the protein of the day.

2.  Garnish it

Add your protein to a salad or thinly shredded cabbage.  If you do not like bread, you are ahead of the game because bread is filled with gluten and sugar and really a food worth avoiding.  If the salad does not appeal to you, buy some rice paper, run it under hot water and make a wrap.

3.  Dress it up

Add your favorite dressing to the protein.  This can be mayo, japanese ginger dressing, caesar dressing, soy sauce, or a vinaigrette.

4.  Top it off with a fat

Fat does not make you fat.  This is the biggest nutritional myth out there.  Choose  a healthy fat such as cashews, peanuts, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh ricotta, goat cheese, or avocado.  Stay away from saturated fats found in processed foods like cheese slices, chips, and pretzels.

5.  Sweeten it up

The night before school, core an apple and fill the inside with raisins and cinnamon.  Bake the apple at 350 degrees for a half an hour or until it becomes soft.  Let it cool in the fridge overnight.  Take that to school as a dessert.  It won’t hurt your braces and it tastes like apple pie without the crust.   Or, if you like pears, peel a pear and poach it in boiling water.  Cool in the fridge overnight and take that to school the next day.

Since you are thirteen, you need to take your nutrition into your own hands.  This is your body.  If you want it to look healthy, it needs to be healthy.  Forget about your weight and focus on getting the nutrients into your body that it needs on a daily basis.  Do not skip meals or walk around starving because that will only slow your metabolism.  In my book, Bonding Over Beauty, I have a whole chapter that addresses this very issue.  Also, try to add a multi-vitamin and a pro-biotic to your diet daily.  The pro-biotic will help your digestion and aid your stomach in absorbing the nutrients from your foods.

Finally, get yourself a kids cookbook.  If you can read, you can cook.  This can be a great activity you can do with your mom.  And, personally, I believe everyone should know how to cook for themselves.  It is a life skill and could be a really great way for you to take control of your nutrition.

Thank you for your question.  I hope this helps!

xoxo Erika

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