6 Beach Hacks To Make Your Day At The Beach

6 Beach Hacks To Make Your Day At The Beach

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Use a shoe organizer to hold food or items you may need, like sunscreen, your wallet, your keys, or your phone. You can hang it on a car seat when driving to and from the beach.

Freezer bags are so versatile and can be used to take home wet bathing suits.

Bring a fitted sheet rather than a blanket.

A fitted sheet is great to bring to the beach because you can bring up the sides and put your cooler in one corner, your bag [in another]. You also have this nice open space, so if you want to eat lunch you can do that with no sand. It keeps everything sand free.

Put your valuables in a diaper.

You are at the beach and you want to go in the ocean, what do you do with your valuables? Put them in a diaper. Put your phone, keys, bracelet, or whatever, and wrap it up. It looks like a stinky, dirty diaper. Nobody is touching this.

Bring toys in a laundry basket

When it’s time to pack up and head home, rinsing off all those sandy toys can be a real chore – until now.

Use a laundry basket and place all of the toys inside.  Go into the ocean, get some water in there, and the holes act as a strainer.  You you can get everything clean in one shot.

Use baby power to help get the sand off your feet when you are leaving the beach.

You take a little bit of baby powder, rub it on your feet and it gets the sand right off.