5 Fun Gift Ideas For Your Son Or Daughter

5 Fun Gift Ideas For Your Son Or Daughter

I adore my children and I am always looking for fun ways to incentivize them with treats and things they will like.  My kids are always asking for things they see on tv or something their friends have.  But, there are wonderful gifts that can be handed from father to son and mother to daughter that children will cherish now and for decades to come.

One: Share a Hobby
What children really want is your time and love. Inviting them to share in your favorite through a gift is a priceless memory that your little one will always cherish. Even if he breaks the fishing pole, he’ll always remember the first time he got to use his own fishing pole when he went out to the lake with his father. A little girl who wants to garden with her mother and always has to borrow her tools will be delighted with a set of matching hand tools and a little packet of flowers. This is more than a gift. It’s an invitation to spend time together, and that’s what children want more than anything.

Two: Matching Hats
Whether you live in the snowy north or call a warmer state your home, hats are always in style. Delight your child with a set of matching ball caps, or a pair of cowboy hats that are perfectly identical. Every time you put on your matching hats and head to the ball field or your favorite field, you’ll feel more connected. Your child will enjoy it now, and it will become a cherished item in the coming years.

Three: Connected Jewelry
Children want to feel a strong connection to their parents, and one great way is with jewelry. If you’re giving your child a special charm for good luck, pick up a matching one for yourself and show it to them. There are ways of getting something of value, very nice, without breaking the budget. Look at your local jewelers for something like a pre owned watches for boys, and rings or necklaces for the girls. Let him or her know that when you’re both wearing this special piece, you’re sharing that connection even if you’re far apart.

Four: A Journal to Share
Does your child enjoy writing? Give a gift that will become a treasured heirloom for generations. A shared journal is passed back and forth between two people to write their thoughts and ideas in. Some children will love the idea of having a special way to communicate with their mother or father, and they might share information in that journal that they would never dream of saying out loud. This is also your chance to tell your child in writing how much you love them.

Five: Something from the Heart
Family heirlooms are passed down from one generation to the next, and they can be anything. It might be wooden bread bowl that your great-grandmother used to make biscuits in decades ago and you now keep it for fruit. It might be jewelry, a special toy or a little knick-knack. If you have something that was special to you when you were your child’s age, then it may be the perfect gift for the next special event in their life. You can talk about how special it was to you and why you’re passing it on. It just might become one of your child’s most cherished pieces as they feel a stronger connection to you.

There are many great gifts for you to choose from, but it’s the gifts from the heart that your child will appreciate the most. Depending on the age of your son or daughter, you might decide to pass down a family keepsake or go with fun and whimsical matching hats. When you put a great deal of thought into the gift, it will show through, and your children will love it.